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carryscore:3.0 / 52021-03-04

The hotel can also, front desk service is a bit slow.
e00107380score:3.0 / 52021-03-02

High performance-price ratio
e02004933score:4.0 / 52021-02-26

Help my mother made, told my MOM to purchase in Yiwu will live here, and around convenience, because every time here so do not hesitate to choose this stay. rooms are spacious, bathrooms are clean, and will continue to live here in the future
alone!score:5.0 / 52021-02-25

Good location for business, also easy to find foreign food.
angelappscore:3.8 / 52021-02-22

On the side of the road, a little inconvenience, others are quite good, breakfast good
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