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The Byland Star Hotel (Yiwu Bandao Xingji Jiudian) is a business hotel located in Yiwu's commercial center,  close to the International Trade Center and a five-minute drive from the Meihu Exhibition Center.On offer are 131 rooms including queen,  twin types and suites,  all equipped with central air conditioning,  LCD TVs and broadband internet access.This Yiwu hotel also houses a lobby bar and a café.   Guests can also relax in the recreation center.[View Detail] 

住客评论 604条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • yuant
    Services are particularly good, nice hotel, breakfast was good
  • alexlearn
    All right
  • liu600
    Bed and pillows were too soft, the other
  • ananlove
    Very good, like
  • e00240969
    Second stay, very nice hotel!
  • acetone
    Parking is not easy, it's worth the price! room was bad! eh
  • Benson021
    Environmental services can also, from the small commodities city is also very near.
  • alexdu1985
    Very good
  • AraiLouis
    From the market close, convenient
  • oxygen820629
    Accommodations at this hotel are OK, is the surrounding environment generally, the Prime Minister also ... next time will come.
  • dy19780820
    Bang Bang
  • Campion
    Nice hotel, is the TV card that we cannot see
  • llx130
    marvelous everything is superb and location is really good and breakfast is exceptional according to there price of rooms
  • lily_ws128819
    India people. General hotel facilities, but worth the price.
  • dwwuxi
    Bed was very comfortable and reasonable price. recommended
  • amacrine
    Just so-so
  • LIUXIN825
    This hotel only is General's. leisure big bed room area is small, didn't place put luggage. decoration style General, compared old has. not sent water, but sent has yogurt. bathroom inside with of shampoo and bathing dew from quality, adhesion and fragrance judge should not Lux, although forced scholar of bottle loaded with. air conditioning not refrigeration, sleep a Khan. front desk service personnel efficiency to be improve, addition set room contains of gift coupons and no active sent. luggage health and restaurant waiter are compared active. Breakfast very average, nothing good. the day before is the opposite of that is, relatively speaking, music facilities, services, breakfast should be better.
  • bianfm
    Girlfriends lived in the hotel, said from the international trade city, within walking distance of 10 minutes, and rooms all configuration items are branded goods, as well as coffee and mineral water sent. I go, really that good? the stock, I. Well, like hotel, full of atmosphere! suddenly felt himself or herself without it! haha! Hotel Street is said to be India cuisine Street. lots of foreigners is! are friendly, like abroad. Thank the guy for meLuggage, Oh! Entering the room, finally understand the reason why friends loved this hotel! bed soft, Oh! surprise! towel folding gadgets is interesting! I also love baths, complete with bubble bath, good fine. good! nice! great! Breakfast time restaurant, Wow! so many people! know is a complimentary breakfast, free breakfast so you? end plate speed action! breakfast there is so delicious it! haha! there are authentic IndiaFood does. Like room in of down pillow! front desk win sold Oh! check out Shi Shun go pair. front desk beauty told I, room in all of things, as long as is I like of, are can buy go! I wants to said; I to put you all package with home! haha! very happy of Yiwu of line! value price of hotel! has became here of members's! you also worth has!
  • e01194070
    Hotel facilities and I upgraded my room at night send yogurt, service very friendly
  • beiou2011
    Business travel, especially to Futian market is very convenient, nearby shopping and dining is also very convenient, hotel next door had some good India restaurant, is ideal for arranging the customers stay with Pakistan. highly recommended!
  • Benny55
    Also, India more than
  • endurance82
    Fork o good hotel is still a little more?
  • cat922
    Hotel is good ... location was good, and also a lot of shops on the side
  • a1002022488
    Service was good, staff very good
  • jiang-lei
    You can also ... quiet
  • e00140396
    It wasn't too bad
  • jesely
    Good location, breakfast, from the wholesale market near, clean, nice!
  • flame10
    The hotel was clean for me and the location is very near to many Indian restaurants. Although friends think the breakfast selection is limited, I am fine with it. Maybe I am not fussy.
  • blj7007
    Hotels location you can easily walk to the city rooms clean breakfast was fairly abundant child satisfaction
  • MM316
    Hotel is better done by an area ten minutes
  • Fangfang22
    Hotel is very good. but best service. I a person unable to take so much luggage. Security a handsome guy named Li Jinchao mentioned helped me place 1 km away. thanks a lot really. thank Li Jinchao. thanks to the Peninsula Hotel employees. very polite. service is too good. next time you must stay at this hotel
  • betty6910446
    In General, but the staff are nice.
  • guest22
    So so
  • e00799307
    Good service, very clean
  • tangjun110
    Which is very nice
  • collin2005
    All right
  • gxj801115
    Good hotel, next to, is the room small
  • MiYin
    Due to business here on business travel, the room is very quiet. very clean. also gave free coffee. great service
  • focusangel
    Convenient, breakfast was good and service in place
  • linfeng112
    Room facilities at this price, service attitude and kind.
  • autumn1220
    Futian market is very convenient, nearby dining and shopping is also very convenient! every time I go to live in Yiwu.
  • dpimwyr
    Here is the junction, next to India one street Windows, generally close to the road just fine.
  • ernstng
    Good location, within walking distance you can reach the city, saving travel time. are the hotel. the service is also good, satisfactory.
  • e00250121
    So-so in Yiwu is filled with people from the Middle East is a local price of in my room the day before had return thanks
  • Candyman
    Well, there is no free mineral water
  • Annie_liu
    yiwu hotel mostly for bussiness man, this hotel is good. we always stay in this one
  • clesun
    ---Hotel can take, as a customer, I use personal experiences from the heart of think---clean hotel, perfect room layout, elegance without losing the ambience, service, incredibly easy. I create a feeling of home, large to small are perfect, the price is very reasonable. Bang Bang Dah!
  • adfdad
    All right
  • Firewood
    Friends travel to hotels in Nice, the environment is also good. very easy, next time you want to stay,
  • lonelyisland
    Environment is still very good, service was good